Meal Prep Madness: My New Sunday Ritual

Last year while living away I was not very good about cooking and planning meals, partially because I was busy but partially because the kitchen in my apartment was disgusting and I avoided it at all costs. I usually either got carry out or ate salads out of bags, very sad.

This year, I am able to be home on the weekends in my own kitchen (my favorite place) with all my own cooking stuff. Determined to eat better this year, I have recently started meal prepping on Sundays for my lunches and dinners. Hands down, this has changed my life and decreased my week stress immensely. It also helps ensures that I eat healthy!


Last week I packed chicken sausage with kale, tomatoes, and steamed broccoli. For this upcoming week, I stepped up my game and made two different meals (1) roast chicken, spaghetti squash, organic marinara with a handful of fresh parmesan (2) salmon, roast sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli. I packed a lemon wedge because last week, I sprinkled some lemon juice on the broccoli before packing and it turned brown. It still tasted okay but looked sort of odd.

DSC_0839.jpgDSC_0832.jpgDSC_0845.jpgI packed some mid-day snacks as well. Michigan apples and a tablespoon of peanut butter. DSC_0834.jpgAll packed up and ready to go! I place it all in an insulated bag and take it with me to Michigan. Set for meals for the week!

DSC_0846.jpgAll together, this took me about an hour including cooking time. It was actually very easy and I highly recommend it! It was so nice to save money during the week and to come home to a healthy, delicious meal!

Bon appetit,



Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Saturday night was taco night in our household! I spent the afternoon getting caught up on some work and getting ready for the upcoming week while Husband was at the theatre all day. It is unseasonably warm here and when it came time to think about dinner, a crispy fish taco with a cold beer sounded really nice.

I was open to several types of fish, the market had some really good mahi mahi.

I sliced a large filet into strips, then coated then in flour, followed by an egg wash, and then panko crumbs.


Lightly fried in some vegetable oil.DSC_0775.jpg

Toppings include red onion, scallion, queso, roasted cornDSC_0787.jpgServed with cabbage slaw with lime juice, sour cream, and a spicy salsaDSC_0790.jpg

DSC_0795.jpgAlso creamy avocado which every fish taco needsDSC_0809.jpgCold beerDSC_0800.jpgDSC_0805.jpgFantastic weekend dinner!

Bon appetit,


Happy Halloween!

I was very fortunate to be able to take a vacation day last Monday (Halloween), so that I could stay in Chicago a little longer and Husband and I could have a dinner party at the house. My husband and colleagues had a Sunday evening performance at the library, and we had a gathering at our place afterward as sort of a ‘thank you’ to all of the amazing faculty and staff at my husband’s company. It was the first dinner party we had thrown in some time and I had a lot of fun prepping and cooking all afternoon. Good food shared with good friends will always be one of my favorite things.



Inspired by the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Thailand episode I watched recently, I made a version of Nam Prik Ong, spicy ground pork cooked with chilies and cherry tomatoes. I don’t have a mortar and pestle so I used my immersion blender to grind the dried chilies (soaked first for 20 min in boiling water) shallots, and fresh garlic. This was pretty simple, place it in some hot oil in a wok or pan, then add ground pork and tomatoes.


Served over a bed of Thai jasmine rice


I made a batch of tabouli salad and served some hummus and pita from Pita Inn


Lamb meatballs made from O’Mara ground lamb ready to go into the oven. Served with lemon cumin sauce, cucumbers, radish, pita. I didn’t get finished shot of this dish because they disappeared quickly!


A selection of cookies from Bennison’s bakery and baklava. DSC_0717.jpg

There was some singing (of course). IMG_0129 (1).JPG



Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Bon appetit,