Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Saturday night was taco night in our household! I spent the afternoon getting caught up on some work and getting ready for the upcoming week while Husband was at the theatre all day. It is unseasonably warm here and when it came time to think about dinner, a crispy fish taco with a cold beer sounded really nice.

I was open to several types of fish, the market had some really good mahi mahi.

I sliced a large filet into strips, then coated then in flour, followed by an egg wash, and then panko crumbs.


Lightly fried in some vegetable oil.DSC_0775.jpg

Toppings include red onion, scallion, queso, roasted cornDSC_0787.jpgServed with cabbage slaw with lime juice, sour cream, and a spicy salsaDSC_0790.jpg

DSC_0795.jpgAlso creamy avocado which every fish taco needsDSC_0809.jpgCold beerDSC_0800.jpgDSC_0805.jpgFantastic weekend dinner!

Bon appetit,



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